Saturday, 26 March 2011

Funky Birds:

Oh my I really shouldn't be allowed out! Whilst in Rennes Art shop yesterday, I spotted a little booklet of stickers called "Funky Birds". The booklet is no bigger than my hand and has about four pages covered in these funny little Funky Birds. I picked it up and began to laugh because the one on the front cover is hilarious. She has the most gorgeous funky high heel shoes on. Well you can imagine, I thought, oh my God thats me? Needless to say I bought the little book and on the way home, on the train, the little creative grey cells started working overtime. I could not wait to get in and get a Sketch book out as well as the water colour paints. Who cares if the washing basket is over flowing and there are dishes in the sink this was far more important, I mean it was almost like a life or death situation, I just had to get these ideas out my head onto paper. I am not going to tell you what they are for I am sure you will probably guess by looking at the photo but I assure you more will be revealed at a later date.


judith said...

Susan. I am looking at the photo. Do I need my eyes testing?. Or is a question of the King's new clothes?!
I am sure when I do get to see them, they will be the usual amazing.
Judith x

judith said...

OK I have just gone back to main page, and lo and behold the photos are there, but honestly it was blank to begin with!

Gwen said...

well I can't wait to see the birdie quilt Susan! ha ha!

Susan said...

Judith, do I need to worry about you? lol x

Ha ha Gwen I wish I had the time lol x

judith said...

Honestly honestly, when I first looked, and then read, the square was BLANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!