Sunday, 8 May 2011

Funky Birds are a big hit.

Our area day on Saturday was fantastic. Amanda Hall was fab, a really enjoyable speaker and her work is lovely. I had the most amazing day. The funky bird name badges went down a treat and everyone admired my little funky bird quilt. Amanda is well known for her bag patterns so we asked people to bring along a bag they had made and held a bag exhibition. Unbeknown to our guest Janet asked Amanda to pick three bags from the exhibition that she liked and the owners of the bags won a prize, courtesy of Janet(who is so very very generous, words fail me). Then Amanda announced that she really liked my funky bird bag and she gave me a prize, one of her quilt patterns. Everyone clapped as I received my prize, I was complete overwhelmed. The whole day just floated away on a tide of laughter and friendship.


judith said...

I was so sorry to have had to miss the afternoon's workshop at the Area day as I was half manning our stall at West Derby. The morning talk by Amanda was a real treat and it sounds as if the afternoon was interesting too. So, LiverBirds, I am expecting to see some wonderful finished bags on Wednesday!!

Susan said...

Judith, I was sorry thatr you and Gwen missed the afternoon but you flew the flag for Liverbirds at West Derby. Which was just as important. I won't be there on Wed i'm off to Wales for a few days see you next time. I promise I will have show and tell but maybe not a bag lol xxx