Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stocking up:

A few weeks ago I took some of my hand made journal cover to a Vintage Shop and the owner kindly agreed to sell them in the shop. The deal is sale or return. Yesterday I received a call to say she had sold three of the four I had left with her. I was thrilled, but sadly I am not skipping to the bank as I had to cut the price I sell the journals for in order so she to could make something on them. Still they sold and the owner has asked for some more stock. Funny enough I had just started to rebuild my stock of journal covers so she is in luck. However, I will have to revise the price. This time I am also taking some cushions. You may recognise this one, it is one of the blocks from the home sweet home quilt I was making, from Tone Finnagans book. I did four blocks and got board so they are currently being turned into cushions.


Kath said...

I'm so pleased that people loved and bought your journal covers.
The cushion cover is very lovely, your home must be full of pretty things.

Susan said...

Hi Kath, my sewing room has lots of pretty thing but the rest of the flat is bare. I am very prone to giving things I make away. I like other people to enjoy what
I make. x