Thursday, 19 May 2011

One piece at a time:

Here are my almost finished sea horse it took me the best part of yesterday doing these. I took a photo every time I had to stop to empty and reload the washing machine. I love the colours I have used lots of blues, greens and turquoise. I only need to free motion quilt them and then pop the binding on. Alas this will have to wait till next week as I am at the Aintree show tomorrow babysitting over the weekend and attended my nephews first holy Communion. Phew! its an all go kinder weekend.


Kath said...
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Kath said...

OOps, to many typos in the last comment!
I really love this Susan, it's so delicate and the colours are wonderful.
How did you attach the fabric peices to the background?

Gwen said...

fantastic Susan! It looks even nicer than Amanda's! you must have had a lot of wash loads............lots of photo's! lol! see you Wed x

Susan said...

Hi Kath, it is all bondawebed on to the back ground. The patern is
A3 size and some of the pieces are tiny when you get to their tails. It is raw edge applique technique which I love. :) x

Gwen, I had a basket load full of washing and then some lol. I will bring it to show and tell on Wed quilted or not. :) x