Monday, 16 May 2011

Hip Hop recycle:

Sometimes I like to take a break from making quilts and sew smaller projects. I realised it has been quite a while since I last made a doll, so out came the magazines. I came across a lovely wishing Angel from one of my favorite magazines, Homespun, but this entailed tea dying calico and waiting for it to dry. So whilst the tea dyed fabric was in the tumble dryer, I ran my finger across my much loved Tone Finagan, Tilda books and stopped on her Springtime book. It has the most delightful little bunnies, hares, ducks, lambs and funnily enough witches (whats all that about?). These characters are made from linen and I remembered that my favorite pair of linen trousers had come to an untimely end whilst holidaying in Wales last week. Sadly beyond repair I cut the legs off and used the fabric to make Harry. Isn't she lovely? She took me the best part of the day to make from start to finish but I thoroughly enjoyed making her. I still have a trouser leg and a bit left so I think Harry will be joined by a friend very soon.


Gwen said...

she is so cute Susan! you've been very busy, and what a good idea to use linen trousers! waste not want not! x

Susan said...

I adored those linen pants Gwen so comforatable I had them for several years, I think I wore them to death, lol It would have been sacrilage to just bin them. xx