Monday, 2 May 2011

It just needs a label:

My little Funky Bird quilt is all done except for its label, which is ready but needs to be sewn in place. It is a bright, colourful little quilt and I think it has turned out pretty good. However, with that said, I used polydown wadding and it needed a lot of quilting to get flat. I have therefore, come to the conclusion I am not a puffy girl. I have sort the advice of my trusted, exceptional, friend Janet and have now order Quilters Dream wadding request for my next quilt.


Kath said...

Thats so pretty! I like the Heirloom batting,which is quite flat.
Looking forward to seeing your next project!

Susan said...

I like Heirloom too Kath. Unfortunately the pennies would not quite stretch that far but maybe next time. I am in the middle of making a jelly roll quilt. xx