Friday, 13 May 2011

A mini break in Wales:

Our four day break away in Wales was delightful and it certainly recharged my batteries. The weather, unfortunately was hit and miss with lots of rain showers but this did not stop us from getting out and about. We visited Corris Craft Centre and this little dragon was outside the pottery shop. He had smoke coming from his nostrils. The Russian Dolls where door stoppers and lined the windowsill in the cafe. The scenery was breathtaking, notice the picture I have taken in the car door mirror, this was coming back from Corris. Whilst there, I also visited Bumble Bee Quilt shop but when we arrived it was closed. However, there was a telephone number on the door so we rang it and the lovely owner came and opened the shop for us. I did not get her name but she was very nice and made us feel very welcome. Yes I purchased several pieces of lush fabric to add to my stash.


Gwen said...

welcome back Susan! glad you enjoyed yourselves, the photos are lovely, very clever to take the one in the mirror! I must try that myself! x

Susan said...

Wow Gwen that was quick,Thank you. We where stuck at road works when I took that. see you soon xx