Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Meet Pippatea:

I began making Pippatea last night but only managed to stuff her body and one leg before running out of toy stuffing. Using left over polyester wadding just didn't work. so today I popped into town and purchased some toy stuffing and here she is. Part of her name is because she was made using the tea dyed calico I did yesterday. She is terribly sweet, just like Harry but notice She does not have a hat. This is because I accidentally threw it away and I do not have any of her dress fabric left to make her another one. No matter, I think Pippatea is fine without one.


Gwen said...

I think you must have the same clock as Janet with 48 hours in a day on it! I've been trying to make a bag for 2 days and still haven't finished it! mind you, I've had the kids as well, so maybe I can be excused!

Gwen said...

sorry Susan, I didn't comment on your lovely pippatea! another lovely project! x

Susan said...

Hi Gwen, I might have two lovely bunnies but I also have a stack of washing as big as a house and the layer of dust on the furniture is so think its furry. lol x