Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Past, the Present and the Future;

I have been working really hard to day trying to finish my little Funky Birds quilt. I have used the lovely threads given to me by my very generous friend Judith. Apparently, the threads belonged to a lovely lady named Primrose, who sadly passed away last year. Today I dug deep in the bag of threads, for a gorgeous firery red and look what was still attached to the tag. It is a price sticker and it says, Woolworths 5 1/2p. The half pence coin went out of circulation in 1984 which means Primrose must have bought the tread before then. I wonder if it was in a sale or if that was the actual price of Clarks Anchor threads in Woolies at that time? Whatever the case, I am sure Primrose would be happy to know that her 5 1/2p was well spent because 26 years later the colour has not faded and the thread is still beautiful. I have left the little price sticker in Place in the hope that one day (in the very long distant future)when I am gone, somebody else will come across this little bit of the past. I hope it makes them pause for thought and think about the people who used the threads before them. Meanwhile back to the present. I made a small Journal cover with the off cuts from bits of the fabric I used to make my Funky Bird Quilt. Notice some of the fabric I have used is the four fat quarters I won in the January QGR13 news letter. I think the quilt is fun and quirky and I am looking forward to layering it and quilting it tomorrow.


Kath said...

I really love this, to me, it's one of the best quilts you have made. That journal cover is jsut lovely, such lovely fabrics.
You're a girl after my own heart, valueing the past and the memories of past sewing sisters.

judith said...

Susan......... I tried to post this yesterday but somehow it got lost in where ever!Primrose was a dear lady who was my cousin's father's cousin. When she died last year, my cousin sorted out her house and has given me certain 'sewing stuff'to dispose of. I am so pleased that you will be able to use these threads. I hadn't looked at them before I gave them to you. Can't wait to see the chickens! Judith x

Susan said...

Arr thank you Kath. It is the smallest quilt I have ever made so it will fit under the machine beautifully for quilting. I can see this one being on the wall in my new sewing room if I ever get to go back home haha. xx

Thanks Judith, the threads are fab. You can asure the family that they have gone to a very good home and I am sure Primrose would be delighted that they are still getting used. xx

Gwen said... nearly made me cry with the sentiment of your words! lets hope that some person in the future can say something similar about all our cherished "bits and pieces" x