Monday, 11 April 2011

Off to the races:

My beautiful daughter and her partner Ian went to the Grand national on Saturday. They go every year and have a fantastic time, they say the whole atmosphere is great. I myself have never been but I always have a little bet 50p each way (haha last of the big spenders)and watch the race on the telly. This year I bet on Oscar Time (came second)Hello Bud (I think this fell)and Silver by Nature (came 14th). I am not going to get into the rights or wrongs of this events because like everything in life you can never please everyone. Anyway? Michaela going was a very last minute decision but she still managed to buy two gorgeous dresses in a space of a couple of days, then changed her mind. She plucked a lovely black and white dress from her never ending wardrobe. Only to discover it was a size to big and at 1/4 to midnight on Thursday had me taking the dress in and amending the little orange belt she had bought because it had a very nasty tacky shell clasp. I was asked recently by my exceptional friend Janet if Michaela was artistic like me and I said no. However,i have since thought about my answer and I was wrong to say no. Michaela is very artistic when it comes to fashion and hair and beauty, in all three categories she is a very talented young woman and I am very proud of her.


Kath said...

Michaela looks stunning! I am feeling giddy looking at those heels :-D

Susan said...

Thanks kath. I think there just that little bit to high for me. lol x