Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Not a happy bunny???

I am not a happy bunny today and I should be delighted, I finished my Spring Flower quilt last night. I have worked really hard on this quilt top but sadly there is something just not right with the colour scheme. The fabrics are all so lovely but now I have put it together, it just looks washed out. This is such a shame because it is a lovely piece of work. Never mind, I will just have to make another one in a different colour scheme. With that said, it will have to wait a little, as I have yet to finish sewing the binding on the twelve days of Christmas and this morning I layered my lavender simple sampler. Not to mention the Luna Notte fabric is screaming to be cut up and I have just the quilt in mind for this courtesy of Dot.


Kath said...

Blimey girl, you don't hang about! I see what you mean, although I am not a good person to comment, as I know nothing about how to design a quilt. All mine are "scrappy" as I like colour and mixing them up.
SOunds like you are going to be busy in the coming months :-D

Susan said...

To be honest Kath I have never made a quilt using a range of fabric and this quilt started life from a range of Moda fabric called Martinque. However, the sashing was not from the range and sadly this is where I went wrong.

Well you no what they say about the devil and idle hands? so making quilts is my answer lol xx