Thursday, 7 April 2011

I've started so I'll finish?????

Last week I had an interview at Liverpool community college and I took several pieces of work with me in an A2 plastic carrier. Today I decided it was time to put it all away and have a good old spring clean of my work. I carefully went through the big plastic box, where I keep it all, finished or unfinished. In the middle of the pieces I came across last years Liverbirds Christmas card challenge. (Make something using an old Christmas card for inspiration) This is what I originally started before the Twelve Days of Christmas interrupted. I started making this on poor old Mrs Jones and it was all wrinkled and puffy because Mrs Jones does not have a walking foot. I decided to unpick it all, put it back together and have a little play with free machine quilting. It was a very good size for practising free motion quilting on and I now have one completed UFO. All be it with some very dodgy free motion stitching. hehehehe!


Kath said...

Oh I am so ashamed. I was sorting all my boxes from the move and I came across UFO's I'd forgotten I had!!
Well done on finishing this one.

Susan said...

Thanks kath I'm quite pleased with meself. To be honest though, I have the ability to chuck things away unfinished or other wise. I know some of my quilt friends would recoil in horror at that thought. Its being in a flat, I am more concious of the lack of space. Once your home is all done you may be able to finish one or two. xx