Monday, 1 February 2016

The Yellow Collection.

Yellow Collection

My illustrations of the yellow collection

  1.  Leaf: I found this leaf on st James Drive on my way to the Asda. It was a vibrant gold yellow and I was instinctively drawn to pick it up.  This was yesterday and sadly it is already loosing its colour. It is now a motley yellowish beige.
  2. Plastic Frog: Found on Peter MahonWay on my way to the Asda it made me smile, immediately stirring up memory's of Christmas. Its like one of the ones you get out of a cracker. He to just had to come home with me.
  3. Quilting Pins: Found on the floor in my sewing room. I rarely use these pins so I can't say how long they have been on the floor for.
  4. Camper Van: Found in our Natalie's house (probably belongs to one of the boys but I fell in love with is and took it home). It sits on the shelf in my sewing room.
  5. Truck: Found on Crosby beach. I was with Cole and Michaela when I found this little truck I offered it to Cole who turned his nose up at it but I just had to keep it. It sits next to the camper van on said shelf.
  6. Stamp: This came off an envelope that contained a Christmas card sent to me from America. I just loved the butterfly so I cut it off and kept it.
This is a project I am working on for uni but it is inspired by my love of finding little treasures that I have to take home and keep. As well as being inspired by the artist, Lisa Congdon's, a collection a day 365 days blog (2010).  I am hoping to post a collection everyday for the whole month of February, I will tell you about something about each of the objects in the collections and the common link to the collecion.  For a chance to win a little prize, please feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what you have found that you just had to pick up to take home and keep. I will pick the winner at the end of the month.


Joan Mc said...

O Susan I was so tempted to say a man!!! but I know you would Know it wasn't true!! I do like the idea of collections, mine are a little bit different and have tended to get out of hand. Years ago I picked up a card at work that was sent to us all ,it just amused me, of a sheep. It snowballed so I've got sheep all over the place including some I've eaten! I had to stop the invasion. The one I do try to keep, like a lot of sewers is my thimble collection. Look forward to the next installment. luv Joan

Lin said...

Walking along the beach here in Spain it is very difficult not to come back with a bag full of pebbles, shells and other bits and bobs! Have to limit myself. I can always find things to take home as treasures wherever I am!