Thursday, 18 February 2016

Collection crash...

Oh dear I only managed 14 days of my blog a collection a day for the month of February. I had the delightful company of my beautiful grandson Cole on Sunday and we had an amazing creative and playful time that I completely forgot to post a collection. It was not until the next day I realised and the challenge was now broken. Normally I would get all upset and beat myself up over failing to complete a task but this time I thought, ok I didn't manage to post a collection every day for the month of February but it was fun for the two weeks that I did so its not a complete failure.  

So gone are the collection posts, its time to move on. I was stuck in a very bad creative block place with my last uni module but after spending a great creative day with Cole just doing things we love I have a completely new direction. I am rather excited as it is everything I love. Craft, soft toys, journaling, fabric, mixed media, play, play, play. So today I thought I'd share what Cole and I made on Sunday. Cole picked all the fabric, which we then cut into pieces and then he sat at the sewing machine and slowly with my guidance he sewed them all together. We then added the head pieces of fabric and cut out a wiggle shape. I did her face. Cole picked her button eyes and helped sew them on buy pulling the needle through and finally it was his idea to put a ribbon in he ear. He has named her Lucy. I think she is delightful and very special. I have to say, I was quite intrigued as to why he had decided to make a girl creature?  He told me he just wanted a girlie friend, Not a girl friend that's totally different :)! After we made Lucy it was back to the serious task of play with his wrestling figures and watching wrestling matches on the Ipad.

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Lin said...

Lucy is great fun - adorable actually - well done Cole! Shame about the collections as I was enjoying them but then, time to move on. Have a great weekend. xx