Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fancy a cuppa?

Firstly let me apologise for the poor quality of the photograph. Today's collection is my cup and saucers.  I have two early memory's of tea cups and saucers.  The first is my Grandma (my mums mother) is letting my baby sister drink tea from her saucer.  She use to pour the tea from her cup to the saucer and Natalie would sip it. My Grandma said the tea cooled down quicker  on the saucer  and she did this for all of us when we were little. My second memory is my Grandad (my dads father) he would save pennies all week in a little cup for me. I can still see the cup in my minds eye it was a little cottage. I never drank from it because it had been broken at some point and was glued together but I adored it.  Maybe this is where my love of tea cups began. The little blue cup was a gift from DH on a trip to Port Sun Light it is dinky and so cute. The one next to it was my little car bootie find and cost 30p it is hand painted. The pink spotty one is the most recent from Home Bargain just couldn't resist so pretty.  The other three are charity finds and again did not cost much. I do not use the little blue one or the car bootie because it has a hair line crack in it but all the others come out when I do the occasional afternoon tea party.


Kath said...

Lovely memories of your Grandparents Susan. They sounded so sweet and loving.

Lin said...

So pretty Susan - I especially love the pink and the blue ones! Lovely memories of your grandparents. xx