Monday, 8 February 2016

S is for........

SUSAN. I was thinking what collection could I post today? Then I noticed I am surrounded by ephemera with my name on it. I have to admit I have a bit of a strange thing about my name, a kind of love, hate relationship.  I even have it tattoed on the bottom of my back.  Anyway, back to todays collection.
  1. Sewing Susan: Original vintage sewing needle pack that I purchased from eBay a few years ago.
  2. Initial Keyring: I think this was a gift but I can't for the life of me think who when where or why! Oops
  3. Quilters Guild Area Rep Badge: Kept as a memento from the three years I was area rep with my dear friend Janet.
  4. Area Day name badge: I accidentally came home with this badge from one of our Crosby area days and never gave it back. Oops! naughty, aren't I!
  5. Heart Badge: I had one exactly like this which I bought on a trip to Blackpool with my family to see the illuminations when I was 10 years old. A few years ago I was in Blackpool with my good friend Ray. We entered a souvenir shop and on a cork board where all the little name badges I related my memory to Ray and bless him he bought me. It is a treasured possession.
  6. Shoe cup cake money box. My gorgeous husband bought me this when we where holidaying in Wales several years ago. One because of my love of shoes, two I make cup cakes and three is had my name on.
  7. Green Costa. A gift from my lovely daughter Michaela.
  8. Pink Costa. A gift from my fab friend Janet.
  9. Postcard: From my lovely niece Paige.
  10. Dinosaur: This is the tag of another little money box a gift from my amazing sister, Natalie.
  11. Registration plate. I bought this on my first holiday abroad in 2000
I think its official I definitely have a thing for things with my name on. :P


Joan Mc said...

I think I like your keepsake collection the best, upto now. A lot of happy memories. I too have some of the area day name tags,the quirky birds you made for us!! I am enjoying wondering, what's next ??luv Joan

Lin said...

A lovely, personal collection - great! Must dash - off to the Cabo de Gata lighthouse today. Have a great day. xx