Sunday, 7 February 2016

Found Objects.

Today's collection are all the first objects I have found when out walking this week.
  1. Sunday: Plastic frog. 
  2. Monday: Lip balm with Disney's Cinderella on it. 
  3. Wednesday: Little Minion paint brush
  4. Thursday: Child's plastic fork.
  5. Friday: Christmas pom pom, bauble earring.
  6. Saturday: Plastic crotchet hook.
You will see Tuesday is missing the reason being is I did not go for a walk on that day.

I also want to share a fellow Bowerbird collection of found treasure. My lecturer Phoebe has a celebrations tub in her office where she keeps things she has found. On Thursday she allowed me to empty her treasure box and take a photo. It was so interesting looking at the things Phoebe has found. Here is her collection.

 I promised I would have a give away at the end of this week and seeing as only two people left me a comment I am going to send both Lin and Joan a little something each in the post. Thank you both for taking part, your little gifts will be on there way to you this week.

This bit of my post is especially for my friend Lin. This is the photo I took of one of the Anthony Gormely bronze statues on Crosby beach. It is for my friend Libby who's project is all about rust and decay.


Joan Mc said...

I am enjoying your collections. It's amazing what is left lying around. It has brought back memories of when I was little and would go to pick something up, my Mum wouldn't let me - as you don't know what germs were on it!!MONEY was all right though! Look forward to my surprise. luv Joan.

Lin said...

Oh thank you Susan - I love surprises!. I didn't know you could find such interesting things lying around! You really have got me looking around me much more when we have been out walking. The trouble with the Spanish is that it is more likely to be litter and empty tin cans! Thanks for posting the AG photo - I have saved it and zoomed in and it is absolutely gorgeous! If I had threads with me I could start stitching straight away, the colours are gorgeous! Have a great week. xx