Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tag, your it!

Today's collection is labels or tags. I am very drawn to, what I term fancy tags & labels, on clothes or gifts. I have tendency to keep them and use them in my ATC's. A few days ago DH treated himself to a new outfit for his birthday and I just couldn't bring myself to throw the labels in the bin. I did however added two tags I already had on my desk that were waiting to be used in my next batch of ATC's to make up today's collection.
  1. Vintage floral tag. This was attached to a set of mini floral suit cases I received as a Christmas gift from my brother and his partner.
  2. Falmer Heritage: This was attached to his jacket.
  3. Easy: This was attached to his shirt.
  4. Large: This was also attached to his shirt together with the previous tag I loved the start black against the white together with the bar code. 
  5. Arizona Straight: Attached to his jeans.
  6. Slim Fit: Also attached to his jeans. I know get him SLIM FIT (he's lost weight I'm jealous :)
  7. Lee Cooper: This is an old tag that was attached to a hoodie Colin bought ages ago. 

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Lin said...

I'm loving your collections Susan. xx