Friday, 12 February 2016

Beach Combing.

Today's collection is my beautiful beach finds.  These are things I have found on Crosby beach and Freshfield beach. However, three of the finds are precious gifts. The white whelk shell was given to me by my lovely friend Gill as was the spider crab. These two little gifts started me on my own beach combing journey. It was seeing Gills own displays of her forage collections, which I am in total awe of because they are amazing, inspired me to have a go at displaying my own finds.  The third gift is the big pinky stone above the spider crab, this was a gift from my adorable Grandson Cole.  Who picked it up from a pebble beach in Wales whilst on holiday in the summer with his other Nan and brought it home for me. He actually brought me three back the other two are displayed on the windowsill in my sewing room. 

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Lin said...

A lovely collection Susan and a great way to display them. xx