Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day two and I'm feeling blue!

Yesterday I walked to my local shopping centre and decided to see how many things I could find that where blue for todays collection. Considering its only a 10 minute walk there and back I managed to find five objects that where blue.  So today's collection is the blue collection.

1. Lighter: Found in Marsh Lane park .
2. Scrunchy: Found on Marsh Lane. Possible belonging to a little girl who attends St James School which is just off March Lane. It is blue gingham and matches their summer dresses.
3. Plastic Fork. Again found on March Lane it was just sticking in a little grass embankment a bit like a mini shovel.
4. Inhaler: Found on Stanley Road. This is just the plastic outer casing of an inhaler and I think it is the most unusual find of things that are blue.
5. TSB WFI Long on card: I picked this up in the TSB branch in Bootle New Strand I was attracted to the simplicity of the graphic design on the card.  

1 comment:

Lin said...

I love blues - am amazed at what you have found. xx