Friday, 5 February 2016

Sea Shells

Today I decided to take a trip to Crosby beach. I have not been beach combing for quite some time and whilst the weather was bracing it was fine and dry. I adore the peace and tranquilty I get from  walking along the beach. Today's collection are the beautiful shells I found on the beach this morning. My favourite one is the big broken one that looks like a snails house shell. (top right hand corner) Its beauty is in the fact that it is not perfect, it is very sculptured and so interesting. Unfortunately I didn't have time to draw my collection today as I was busy drawing the entire contents of what was in my hand bag for my uni project. However, I am really looking forward to doing an observational drawing of my broken shell in the future. Sadly I might have to revert to just putting images of collections with the occasional drawing, if I am to achieve my goal of posting a collection a day for the month of February. 

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Lin said...

Another lovely collection Susan - I too love that big broken one and also the smaller one where you can see the spiral inside. We walked along the beach yesterday and I picked up a few pebbles. Found a little blue pastry cutter in the shape of a boat and thought of you! but left it behind for someone else to treasure!