Tuesday, 28 June 2011

All the fun of the fair:

Yesterday was another glorious sunny day and I was invited to spend the day with Michaela and Cole. We went to Southport, Michaela took us for a fish and chips lunch (mmm scrummy yummy). My little man is growing up so fast, I can not believe he will be two in October. He recently developed a taste for the little fun rides and he is so funny, when the little cars stop he presses every button he can find, in order to make it go. Once he realises that hasn't worked he asks for money and say in there, pointing to the money slot. (No hes not soft is he!!) But it is so funny to watch. We had a fab day, I love spending time with both of them. On our way back to the car Michaela treated us all to an ice cream. As you can see I think Cole wore most of his.


Kath said...

Oh love him, heasnt he changed. All that lovely wavy hair too!

Gwen said...

ah Bless! he's growing so fast! such a cutie! x

Susan said...

Thanks ladies.

Kath, Coles hair is straight with a swirly cows lick in the front. I think it looks wavey on th photo cos its got ice cream in it lol x

He is growing too fast Gwen, their not babies for long are they. x