Monday, 20 June 2011

Meet Petal:

At Gresford on Thursday one of the exhibits was called Postcard challenge, we all thought this was a fab idea. Participants put a postcard of their choice into an envelope, then all the envelope went into a bag and it became the luck of the draw. You then made an item depicting the postcard you got. I am hoping that the Liverbirds will participate in such a challenge and my lovely friend Janet is going to ask them on Wednesday when we all meet up. In the meantime I have had a little go at making something from a postcard and here is the result. I have named her petal.


Kath said...

Oh she is just lovely!
I hope you feel sorry for me today, I am hemming some "net" curtains I got from Ikea. It is my most hated job. Ones turned out too short and the others are all wobbly ARGH!!

Susan said...

Oh Kath you have my sincere sympathy. Long gone are the days I would hem anything by hand especialy net curtains. lol So I will wish you luck with that job my friend xx