Sunday, 12 June 2011

Chipping away:

I have almost covered all the note books Addy gave me, I only have three left to do and I am hoping to get them done today. Sometimes things just don't always go to plan so Im not going to loose sleep if I do not achieve this goal today. As well as doing the book covers for Adddy I made one for my own stock inbetween. I thought I had better get a few done incase Jill from Vintage Home rings and requires more to sell in her shop and I also need a varied range to show at the teaching day in August. This morning I wanted a little break for covering books so I started the applique on my country quilt. There is quite a bit of bias binding on the applique with little bits coming off here and there which is a bit time consuming but thats ok I am in no rush to finish. I am just want to enjoy making this quilt one step at a time.


Kath said...

yes its lovely to plod sometimes isnt it?
There is a group of ladies who call themselves the slow poke quilters, I think I'll join LOL
With all this bad weather, I have been working on my hexagin quilt, about 6 inches progress in a week but I'm enjoying it :-D

Leanne said...

Hello Susan
Your book covers look great and your quilt is beautiful.

Susan said...

hi Kath, yes it is is and at times I can plod with the best of them lol. glad to hear the hexi quilt is still on the go. :)

Thank you Leanne, I am really pleased with how its taking shape. Its a real comforter quilt. :)