Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Exhibition, exhibition, exhibition:

Over the last few days I have been to Liverpool Community College Foundation exhibition, Manchester Mets Degree exhibition and Hughbaird Art and Design exhibitions. I have seen some amazing pieces of work. These exhibitions have filled me with such confidence for September and given me a general guide as to what will be expected to pass the course. The pictures are from Manchester Mets Exhibition Fine Art, Interior and Jewelery. I took lots of photos until one student asked me not to. I apologised and said there was no sign stating not photos and she said they forgot to put it up so unfortunately I did not take any more pictures. 

I am really looking forward to September and attending LCC.  I am ready to get stuck in and experiment with different types of textiles. Whilst I love fine art I think the road I hope to travel will be interior design. I loved this section at Manchester Met.


Kath said...

How very exciting, what an opportunity and you deserve it!

Susan said...

Rrr Thanks Kath. I am very excited about doing the foundation course in September. Looking forward to working with lots of different meduims such as inks, clay, 3D graphics I will be like a kid in a sweet shop. Yummy yummy lol :) x