Friday, 24 June 2011

Then there where none;

I have completed all 13 book covers for Addy. Hurray! I can now concentrate on making a few for myself, to show as examples on the 20th August, when I will be teaching how to make the book covers. Today I made three using old jeans and clothing labels. I love them, especially the denim ones. They have turned out a real treat. I have been itching to make something from denin for quite sometime now. Well ever since hubby became a bit chubby and cast a side several pairs of jeans. Rather than give them to a charity shop I kept them for such an occasion as today, transforming them into these hip and trendy book covers. I have to confess I did cut one of the labels from a pair that are still in use but I am sure he will not notice.


Gwen said...

Susan, I've only been away for a week and I come back to all this activity! Some fab items, I love your journals, and like the idea of the postcard challenge! see you on Wednesday x

Susan said...

Rrrr thanks Gwen. Hope you had a lovely time on your hols. see ye soon xx