Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Tent makers continued......

I had a fantastic day yesterday at Southport Quilters being taught needle turn applique by Barbara Chainey ( Who was a marvelous teacher and such a lovely person, I have to say. Barbara made needle turn applique look like a walk in the park and as she demonstrated the hows, the dos and the don'ts. we all began to relax a little and give it a go. You may look at my piece of work and think is that all she did? Those of you who know me may be forgiven in thinking that I was to busy chatting away, however this was far from the truth and the silence was sometimes deafening. I really got stuck in and the main objects of the day where to achieve a point, a bias and a curve. As you can see I did complete the work shop. Now the $64 dollar question is will I complete the whole block, will I ever do needle turn applique again? The answer is I might finish the block over a period of a longtime but I don't think I will starting any new projects with this method of applique. I came away from the class with lots of new skills and little tips that make things a lot more simplfied. The biggest thing I came away with was the design impact these panels had on me. My favorite piece is the picture at the top made by a man named Mohamed. It is art deco style vase of flowers and boy did it have the wow factor for me. My head is buzzing with possible designs of my own but alas mine will be done using my favorite raw edge applique. So watch this space in the future for my version of a Ciro tent panel. :)


judith said...

Thanks Susan for changing the background colour, I too was finding it not easy to see.
Glad you enjoyed the workshop.
Have you ever heard Barbara speak?
She was the after dinner speaker at AGM Cambridge. She is very funny.
Judith xxx

Susan said...

Hi Judith, your very welcome, I did not like the black either. Colin designed my sew susan and did it all as a surprise but I asked him to redo it in pinK or purple because it was to harsh and I to struggled with it. I heard her talk when she was a speaker at Rgional day a few years ago really enjoyed it and of course on thursday. She was really nice and she is a very good teacher. see you wednsday xx