Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tent makers of Cairo:

A few weeks ago I was invited to join Southport quilters as a guest to hear Barbara Chainey talk about the amazing Tent makers of Cairo. I have not been to good this week and it took a lot for me to go today but boy was I glad I did. What an amazing display of colour and design. Barbara has been purchasing her collection of panels from Cairo for the last ten years so you can imagine that the oos and rrs where many. Sadly I only took a couple of photos when my batteries died. However I was lucky to get a place on her work shop tomorrow to have a go at needle turn applique. Hopefully Barbara will have a few samples which will enable me to take a few more photos. Before I go I have to thank my wonderful, amazing and very very generous friend Janet, who helped me complete the requirements list for tomorrows class.


Gwen said...

I've seen a similar talk and yes they are amazing, especially that they are done by men! I'm afraid needle turn applique isn't for me, so good luck with that! x

Kath said...

Sometimes it's so hard to get ourselves ready and out into the world, but as you say, it's always worth it.
Glad you didnt miss out on this day and that you shared it, I have never heard of these panels before, how interesting.

Gwen said...

Susan! I've been asked to tell you that we don't like the black background on your blog! Can you make it a nice colour easy on the eyes please? love you forever if you do!!! xxx

Susan said...

Gwen your wish is my command hope this is more pleasing lol xx

Oh Kath it was very interesting, sadly there are only 27 family left who make the pannels. I will put some more pics I took today on my blog tomorrow. xx